What is a CareGifter?

CareGifters believe that every member of our community deserves a healthy start.

CareGifters won’t stand by while our littlest neighbors suffer, and they know that by working together, we can improve birth outcomes and welcome more healthy babies into the world.

CareGifters give monthly to help build a brighter future and a stronger community for all of us.

Will you commit to making Allen County a place where all babies can thrive?


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What your gift will do…



Your monthly gift of $15 provides a mom with transportation to and from prenatal appointments.

With the help of the Community Transportation Network, we are able to coordinate transportation for mom and baby to important prenatal and postpartum doctor’s appointments.



Your monthly gift of $25 provides a mom with a pack of diapers and baby wipes and helps her reach her goals.

We use diapers and wipes as incentives for our moms when they meet goals, such as attending birthing classes, and keeping their prenatal appointments.



Your monthly gift of $30 provides a mom with breastfeeding support from a licensed lactation consultant.

We have licensed lactation consultants on call to aid with hold techniques, breastfeeding and pumping schedules, and latching support.



Your monthly gift of $50 covers the costs of enrolling a mom into our services.

Our assessment worker meets with our moms to evaluate risk factors, begin Medicaid enrollment (if necessary), find the best fit within our programs, and pair each client with their case manager or nurse home visitor.



Your monthly gift of $75 provides a mom with a month’s worth of home visits and support.

Their case managers and nurse home visitors provide them with prenatal education, access to community resources, and support throughout their pregnancy, educating and empowering our moms to be the best moms they can be.



Your monthly gift of $100 provides a mom with a pack-n-play, safe sleep kit, and safe sleep education

Our moms are educated on the safest way for baby to sleep: alone, on their back, in a crib or pack-n-play. We are also able to provide a pack-n-play for our moms who don’t already have a safe place for baby to sleep.


Become a CareGifter.

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