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Every baby. Born healthy. 

We believe every baby deserves a healthy start at life.

Yet each year, our community experiences preventable losses and preterm births. Of the 5,140 babies born in Allen County in 2016, 9% were born preterm, 8.3% were born with a low birth weight, and 60 of these babies did not live to see their first birthdays. We want to change that.

We're working toward a healthier future in Allen County by breaking down barriers to prenatal care, educating women about preterm labor and warning signs in pregnancy, increasing community awareness about SUIDS prevention, providing information about Medicaid, and more. 

By empowering moms with education, support, and tools to have healthier pregnancies and births, we are building a brighter future and a stronger community.

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 “They helped me so much at Healthier Moms and Babies and they will help you too ― no matter what, they have your back.”

- Ashley Crawford, Mom




Our History 

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“It’s amazing what you can accomplish just by being there and offering a little bit of support."

- Jackie Martinez, Supervisor and Outreach Coordinator


Our Mission

Our goal is to reduce infant mortality and improve the outcome of pregnancy in Allen County by offering health education and case management services to low-income, high-risk pregnant women and their families.


When babies thrive, we all do. 

Improving birth outcomes has lasting effects for individuals, families, and our community. 

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What we do

We walk side-by-side with moms through their pregnancy journey.



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