Our Services

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Services are the core of what we do.

We know that moms instinctively want to do everything they can for their babies, even before they’re born. Empowering moms and ensuring healthy babies informs everything we do and this is how we accomplish it...


Prenatal Home Visitation Program

Experienced home visitors are paired with a pregnant woman as early in her pregnancy until the baby is 3 months old providing prenatal health education, encouragement, and acting as advocates and mentors to our community’s most at-risk pregnant women to support a healthy pregnancy and baby. We work with various social service agencies to transition the babies of our clients to child development programs so that our moms continue to receive whatever support they need. The goal of this care is to reduce the number of preterm deliveries, save families and the community thousands of dollars, reduce stress, and “nurture new beginnings.” Spanish-speaking women are also served.



Nurse Family Partnership

Nurse Family Partnership is a home visitation program where RNs are paired with a first time, low-income, pregnant woman as early in her pregnancy as possible until the baby turns age 2. The nurses provide support, advice, and information for new moms to help them and their babies have the best possible start to their new lives.


Baby & Me Tobacco Free

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Baby & Me Tobacco Free is offered to pregnant women who smoke. This national, evidence-based smoking cessation program provides education and support to quit smoking permanently. Pregnant women in this program are required to attend four prenatal counseling smoking cessation sessions to receive education and support for quitting smoking and staying smoke free. Women who quit and remain so will receive a monthly voucher for diapers throughout the first year of their babies’ lives. Along with providing support to women who are participating in the program, Healthier Moms and Babies staff will give carbon monoxide breath tests to ensure that the women are not smoking in order to qualify for the diaper vouchers.


Mama Moods

Mama Moods is a pregnancy and after pregnancy group and is a chance to meet other pregnant moms, new moms, and babies in a relaxed, judgment-free environment where you are welcome to share both the joys and the challenges of parenthood. This is an open group and there is no cost. Join the group at your convenience and come as often as you would like. We will discuss common concerns such as sleep, self-care, nursing/feeding, childbirth recovery, partner and family relationships, and anything else that arises.


Cribs for Kids

Cribs for Kids is a national safe sleep initiative to promote safe sleep environments for every baby. Any women enrolled in our services who need a safe place for their babies to sleep will receive a pack-and-play and safe sleep kit.