July Mom of the Month

Meet Kelsey, our July Mom of the Month!


Late last year, Kelsey enrolled in our prenatal home visitation program, pregnant with her third child. As she worked hard to complete her college degree and maintain her service job, Kelsey welcomed the motivation and education of Healthier Moms and Babies. With no support from the father of the baby and little support from her family, Kelsey was doing it all on her own. She looked forward to her monthly visits with her case manager, Alysia. Alysia brought a wide variety of information, catered to Kelsey’s whole family. During their discussions about prenatal nutrition, they discussed ways to encourage Kelsey’s older children to eat healthy as well. In the midst of school, work, doctor’s appointments, and more, Kelsey appreciated the consistency of her case manager.

With an eight-year-old and a three-year-old at home and another baby on the way, Kelsey made the decision to quit smoking. After enrolling in Baby & Me – Tobacco Free, a smoking cessation program, Kelsey received monthly incentives to stay quit. In addition to the hundreds of dollars a year saved from not purchasing cigarettes, she’s also became eligible for a voucher for diapers and wipes each time she blew below a 6 on a CO monitor. Kelsey comments that she still has cravings when she gets stressed; she is determined to stay tobacco-free for her growing family.

On February 8, Jordan was born happy and healthy. He was welcomed warmly by his siblings and by Kelsey. She completed our prenatal home visitation program but continues to meet with Alysia each month to continue her journey in Baby & Me – Tobacco Free.

Over the span of her college career, Kelsey had two successful pregnancies. She continues to strive for greatness for herself and for her children. After just completing her bachelor’s degree in Human Service, she is already planning for her master’s.

“My kids keep me going; they are my motivation for everything.”

Kelsey loves being a mother. Through everything, they are the most important people in her life and the best gifts that she’s ever received.