April Dad of the Month

Meet Bryshon, our April Dad of the Month!


Morgan enrolled in our Nurse Family Partnership home visitation program in December of 2018, pregnant with her first child. She and her fiancé, Bryshon, sought the guidance of someone who had “done this before.”

When they first found out they were pregnant, they were both a mix of anxiety and excitement. They were connected to Healthier Moms and Babies, eager to learn all that they could. Morgan entered our program with a number of social and health risk factors, including hypoglycemia, anxiety, and depression; Morgan was determined to have a successful pregnancy. Bryshon was determined to be there for her every step of the way.

Morgan and Bryshon met with their nurse home visitor, Erin, a few times a month to prepare for the birth of their child. Erin brought information about safe sleep, prenatal nutrition, and the period of purple crying. She also brought resources about labor and delivery. Morgan and Bryshon were enthusiastic to participate. He believes that every father should learn about the stages of labor to understand the amount of strength and resilience that every mother has. Erin’s information furthered Bryshon’s respect for all that Morgan was enduring.

Bryshon supported Morgan through her entire pregnancy, being an active and engaging father. He and his siblings didn’t have the support of their father growing up. Bryshon notes that he made the conscious decision to be present, to be the father that his dad wasn’t. Bryshon told us, “you can always look at it two ways—you can blame him or you can do the opposite. I am ready to do the opposite.”

On April 9, 2019, Avayah was born. At 39 weeks, Avayah was born full term with no complications. Morgan commented on the ease of birth process; thanks to the education provided by Erin, she felt prepared and confident in the hospital. Morgan and Bryshon are excited to watch their daughter grow. They encourage other young parents to be patience and be calm. Bryshon encourages other dads to be supportive and be present.