February Mom of the Month

While you’re preparing for the birth of your first child, a lot of time and attention is devoted to that child. Shaniya joined our Nurse Family Partnership home visitation program early last August as she entered her second trimester.

When preparing for a baby, every conversation seems to be consumed by talk of baby’s growth and development, baby’s nursery and sleeping arrangements, and so on. It’s important to continue to talk about how baby is doing; however, it’s just as important to talk about how mom is doing. Shaniya’s nurse home visitor, Julie, paid attention to her personal well-being throughout her pregnancy to be sure that felt confident in her abilities to be a mom. Julie helped build Shaniya up, encouraging her and empowering her.

Isaiah was born on January 4, 2019. To Shaniya’s surprise, he was born with a health condition that caused him to spend a few weeks in the NICU for treatment. Shaniya felt at first very overwhelmed and out of her depths. Beyond the sea of “what-ifs” that come with being a new, young mom, she now had to navigate the additional struggles ahead of her. But with the support from Healthier Moms and Babies and the other great community resources in Allen County, she doesn’t have to navigate alone. Shaniya has been determined to be the best mom that she can be.

And she’s doing a great job at it. While there are still struggles that lie ahead, Shaniya and Isaiah have been connected to great resources in the community, like Brightstar Home Health Service. She is adjusting and adapting to her situation and is doing all that she can to give her baby the best start to life. She is taking Isaiah to his multiple doctor appointments and has made him her priority.  

We are celebrating Shaniya as our February Mom of the Month. Julie, her nurse home visitor, raves about her strength and determination. Shaniya has learned a lot about being a mom in these last few months—and continues to want to learn more. She has learned to take time for herself, to take care of her mental and emotional health so that she can be best mom she can be—both for Isaiah and for herself.