October Mom of the Month

Meet Martha, our October Mom of the Month! Martha enrolled in our prenatal home visitation program pregnant with her fourth child. With a history of preterm birth and postpartum complications, she sought the support and additional education of Healthier Moms and Babies. When she began with our program, she was in the process of completing her classes to receive her GED.

Martha and her husband, Isidro were determined to have a successful pregnancy and raise a healthy family. They enrolled in our Simple Solutions curriculum, which consists of a series of lessons and guidelines that encourage healthy eating and healthy living. With three picky children, Martha wanted to learn how to cook healthy meals that her family would still enjoy. She worked with her case manager, Thalia, to include her daughters in the meal prepping process. Martha enjoyed learning ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle for her growing family. She told us that her older daughters enjoy making grocery lists each week.

With a history of preterm birth, Martha stayed mindful of her health. Thalia educated her on the signs of preterm labor; when Martha experienced one of the warning signs, she checked herself into the emergency room, just to be sure. At each visit, Thalia took Martha’s weight and blood pressure to keep her on track for a successful, full-term pregnancy. Martha was eager to stay on top of her health; with the support of her case manager, she had another advocate helping her along the way.

While she navigated her pregnancy, Martha also worked to complete her education. While she feels now like she didn’t get the opportunity to fully enjoy this pregnancy, she knew she wanted to complete her courses before baby was born. She kept telling herself, “I need to do this first.” In August, she successfully completed each of her courses and received her GED certification. She is looking forward to walking in the spring graduation ceremony.

On September 25, 2019, Victoria was born full term and healthy, to two proud parents and three excited sisters. With her certification, Martha knows that she’ll be able to offer even more for her family. She is excited to watch her daughters grow up. She implores all moms who are pregnant to enroll in Healthier Moms and Babies. She says that while you may think you don’t have the time or you’re not one hundred percent sure—“take the program.” Martha will continue in our program with her case manager, Thalia. While the family adjusts to a new member, Thalia is able to offer support and guidance. She is looking forward to continuing to watch Martha grow, both for her family and for herself.