January Mom of the Month

This week, we sat down with Shkeyla and her case manager, Alysia. Shkeyla had just returned from her prenatal doctor’s appointment. She’s in her third trimester—and measuring two weeks bigger than expected. She explains the doctor’s recommendations—that she stays active and maintains a healthy diet to combat her newly-diagnosed gestational diabetes.

Between her job at Trelleborg and her job as a mother of three, Shkeyla is more than active. Her current pregnancy journey has been unlike any of her other three pregnancies. With baby number four, she has been combating persistent sickness and horrible nausea. Her case manager, Alysia has adjusted her curriculum as needed—every case manager begins with an outline, but every client and every pregnancy is different. Alysia continues to individualize the information for Shkeyla’s pregnancy experience. “I know this isn’t my first child—but it’s all different.”

Its been four years since Shkeyla had a baby in the house—she welcomed Healthier Moms and Babies and the knowledge and support they supplied. Even in four years, recommendations and regulations change. Alysia has guided her through her journey, providing her with resources and educational tools, catered to her needs and her doctor’s recommendations.

The baby’s father, Dion has been there every step of the way; he has supported Shkeyla in her pregnancy and loved her other children as his own. She comments that the first thing she’s going to have to learn after baby is born is how to let Dion help.

Shkeyla encourages other mothers to learn as much as they can—don’t take the resources for granted; they aren’t going to be around forever; they’re meant to guide you into a self-sufficiency. Healthier Moms and Babies’ home visitation program supplies a case manager until the baby is two months old—the goal is to provide moms with all they need to go forward after that time with confidence and knowledge. Shkeyla feels just that—she is eagerly awaiting baby’s March arrival.

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