July Mom of the Month

While being a first time-mom can bring excitement and new experiences, it can also can bring a lot of stress and uncertainty. Our Mom of the Month has had her fair share of all the above. As a first-time mom, Kaelie didn’t know what to expect. Her nurse case manager, Mary, guided her every step of the way, highlighting the most important aspects of providing for and caring for your child.

Kaelie was eager to learn every facet of pregnancy and childbirth, from what happens to your body while pregnant to how to care best for your child after they are born. Like every Healthier Moms and Babies mom, she was educated on the signs of preterm labor and the importance of safe sleep. Mary helped Kaelie set up her pack-n-play in preparation for the birth of her little one.


On May 24th, little Paige was born. Kaelie had practiced and prepared, working hard to get everything right. Mary continued with weekly visits, checking Paige’s weight and length at every visit. They started to notice that Paige wasn’t gaining weight like she should. They tried several different things, working collaboratively with Paige’s doctor, such as switching formulas and altering feeding schedules; nothing seemed to work. Both Mary and Paige’s doctor strongly suggested that Kaelie admit Paige to the hospital. She was admitted on July 18th; there the doctors have done a number of tests, trying to find the source of her ailments. So far, the tests have been negative and the results inconclusive. They think that it may be some sort of allergy and acid reflux. This isn’t at the fault of Kaelie or Paige; this is something that could happen to anyone.

Understandably, Kaelie has been under a great deal of stress, but she is doing her very best; her nurse case manager, Mary, has noticed a tremendous change in Kaelie since she first met with her. Kaelie recognizes her importance in Paige’s life; she is her voice, she is her guardian. Kaelie received encouragement and push from her friends and family to be the mother they know she can be. With the drive and determination, as well as knowledge and resources from Healthier Moms and Babies, Kaelie is doing just that. She takes time for Paige, but also takes time for herself. She is determined to be the best mom that she can be.