May Mom of the Month

Selena, 21 years old, began her journey with Healthier Moms and Babies program through the Nurse Family Partnership, our program for first-time moms.  As a high school graduate, Selena found occasional part time work and is diligently working to start a full-time job after her six-week postpartum leave ends. When Selena first found out she was pregnant, she was like many first-time moms: she was terrified. Millions of questions ran through her head: “Will I get through the labor and delivery of my baby?”; “Do I have enough support to take care of a child?”; “Can I do this?” With solid family support, but little support from the father of the baby, Selena had questions and doubts. Through our relationship with Selena, her questions were answered and her drive to learn more was encouraged.

During our prenatal visits, Selena learned about Safe Sleep, including what a Safe Sleep environment looks like and what precautions she could take to ensure her baby’s safety. Selena received a Pack ‘n Play after completing the Safe Sleep education. To alleviate one of her biggest fears going into pregnancy, Selena benefitted most from labor and delivery information; she attended Parkview’s available birthing classes to learn more, some going until nine o’clock at night. Through many weeks of education, support, and dedication, Selena was committed to doing the best she could for herself and her baby.

On April 23, 2018, Selena welcomed Zayden into the world. At 7 lbs 14 oz, he was a healthy baby boy. Selena both breastfeeds and bottle feeds. Although she is a busy woman as Zayden’s sole caretaker, she continues to mainly breastfeed—because she wants him to have the best nutrition available. Selena’s favorite part of working with Healthier Moms and Babies has been the staff’s education, support, and encouragement. Selena is more than deserving to be our May Mom of the Month. She has been committed to the program, open to receive education and support, and she is doing a fantastic job of being Zayden’s mom.