April Mom of the Month

Our April Mom of a month came to our program as a Nurse Family Partnership transfer client from Michigan. She was about 36 weeks along when she met her nurse, Danyel. The very next week after their initial home visit our mom had her beautiful, healthy baby girl. This mom was our very first Nurse Family Partnership mom to have her baby, and she had great things to say about HMB. “I really love this program because you can ask them anything that you don’t understand about your pregnancy or about your baby. I learned a lot about what’s going on with the baby’s health when I don’t understand” our new mom told Healthier Moms and Babies.  She was new to Fort Wayne and not only had to adjust to a new location, but she had a lot to do to get settled before the baby arrived. We completed safe sleep education and she is very diligent about making sure her baby, who is now 3 weeks old, is sleeping safely every night. She is also breastfeeding because she is aware breast milk has wonderful nutrients for baby and it will increase her baby’s immune system. During visits, she is always interested in how she can better care for her daughter. We are excited for the progress that she has made in the short amount of time we have been with her, and so thankful that mom and baby are doing well! We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and your sweet baby!

April mom of the month picture.jpg