March Mom of the Month

This month we are featuring one of our fantastic moms, Shannon. Shannon started Healthier Moms and Babies at 22 weeks pregnant and when she started with us Shannon had been smoking for 20 years and when she started the program she was down to 1-3 cigarettes a day. Shannon had tried to stop at least 2 times in the past. Prior to her pregnancy, Shannon had been smoking at least a half a pack to a pack of cigarettes a day. She told her case manager, Ashley, that she wanted to have a healthier life for her and her baby, she wanted to save money and wanted to have a clean smoke free home for her baby. Ashley told Shannon about a new program Healthier Moms and Babies started called Baby Me Tobacco Free which is a smoking cessation program for pregnant women who smoke. Through the program, women receive four smoking cessation counseling sessions before the baby is born. If they quit and stay quit through the first year of the baby’s life, women will receive a $25 for vouchers. Even though Shannon was planning on quitting smoking all on her own Baby Me Tobacco Free was a huge support to help her along the way.  Shannon completed all smoking cessation sessions and has been smoke free since January 8th! One month after Shannon quit smoking, she had a healthy baby girl, Sa’Nia. Shannon says that she is so happy she quit smoking. She is already feeling the benefits of quitting smoking like more energy and can breathe easier. She also loves that her house does not smell like smoke and loves that Sa’Nia is living in a smoke free home. Keep up the great work, Shannon! We are so proud of you and think Sa’Nai is the cutest!

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