February Mom of the Month

This month we are featuring one of our fantastic moms, Myka. She is currently 35 weeks pregnant and cares for her two young boys. Throughout her pregnancy Myka has been employed full time and was recently promoted to a managerial position. Myka, her two children, and father-to-be have recently moved into their very own apartment after living with her mother for a while.

Myka and her husband Nick review information on a tablet. 

She continues to work with her Healthier Moms and Babies case manager, Chelsea, as she nears the last stretch of her pregnancy. She actively participates and shows an eagerness to learn and be the healthiest she can be for herself and her baby girl, who is expected to arrive in March. Myka also plans to start college courses following the birth of her child. Father-to-be Nick has continued to be an awesome support for Myka and her two boys. Nick is actively involved in each session with Healthier Moms and Babies and is very intrigued by all this new information that he gains at each visit! Myka and her family continue to take active steps in having a happy, healthy baby!


Mom of the MonthKatie Pruitt