December Mom of the Month

This month we are featuring Sanellys for our December Mom of the Month. Her case manager, Ashley nominated Sanellys because of all the obstacles she overcame to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Sanellys looking out the door

Sanellys and her family were new to Fort Wayne after moving here from Puerto Rico via Miami. Realizing how expensive life is in Miami the family then decided to start a life in Fort Wayne, which meant leaving behind their family and support team. After moving to Fort Wayne, Sanyelle’s husband lost his job and began working several part-time jobs to make ends meet. Her OB provider was on the opposite side of town but despite their limited funds for gas she made every prenatal appointment. Sanyelles was very worried about getting the basic supplies she needed for her two children and preparing for her baby. Due to her limited resources and lack of support, Ashley referred Sanyelles to Women’s Care Center Crib Club program. Not only was Sanyelles able to earn much needed supplies for her baby she was also able to meet other women through Women’s Care Center who have become her support network in Fort Wayne. Ashley also referred Sanyelle’s husband to resources in the community to help him find full time employment, which he found before the baby was born. Through it all, Sanellys delivered a healthy baby girl, Hazel! Sanellys told us that she is amazed with our services and how helpful the case management staff can be. She told us “Thank God I was referred to you guys and May God Bless You All Always for the amazing job you do helping so many moms and their babies”.

Mom of the MonthKatie Pruitt