November Mom of the Month

Mom of the Month.jpg

Sometimes, all you need is that voice telling you that it’s all going to be okay.

For Chelsea, that was exactly what she needed. When she found out she was pregnant, she was filled with an overwhelming sense of “oh no how am I going to do this by myself.” For many first-time moms, she didn’t know what to expect. The hormone changes and emotional rollercoasters hit her hard. “All I could do was sleep, eat, and cry.”

After she was referred to Healthier Moms and Babies, Chelsea was paired with her case manager, Ashley. For the last ten weeks, they have been working hard to prepare and learn. Chelsea came into her pregnancy knowing a little, but Ashley came prepared with papers and videos and books galore. Each visit, Ashley would explain how Chelsea’s baby was growing and developing as well as how Chelsea’s body was changing. Chelsea explains that she wasn’t expecting such an awesome amount of support. As her baby started to move and interact with her, her fears started to melt away—she knew that they were both going to be okay.

Today Chelsea is excitedly awaiting the birth of her baby girl. She’s due December 6th (only a few days away). She’s fully embraced the nesting phase—just last week, she explains, everything was cleaned, organized, and cleaned again. She feels ready. She is most excited for that first connection, the first few minutes following delivery, when it’s just her and her baby girl.

Pregnancy is no small task—it’s one of the most challenging and incredible things your body can do; but you are so powerful and capable. Chelsea encourages all first-time moms to take a second and breathe; learn as much as you can but know that “girl, you’re never going to be prepared enough.” But that’s ok—you’ll still make it through. She wants you to fall in love with yourself and your child every day. And understand that you have a support system that’s ready for you—there’s a whole community willing and able to help you along. And it’s all going to be okay.