Healthy Moms.
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Why healthier moms and babies? 

For a stronger community. 


When it comes to our littlest community members, even one death is devastating. Heartbreaking infant mortality rates as high as these should be unacceptable in 21st century, developed nations. What’s even more heartbreaking is that some of the factors contributing to Allen County’s high infant mortality rate are preventable. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to prevent them.

Healthier Moms and Babies walks side-by-side throughout pregnancy (and after) to help moms have healthy pregnancies. We provide encouragement and education and act as advocates and mentors to support healthy pregnancies and babies.

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our mission

Reduce infant mortality. 


Healthier Moms and Babies’ goal is to reduce infant mortality and improve the outcome of pregnancy in Allen County by offering health education and case management services to low-income, high-risk pregnant women and their families.

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“We're all women, we're all the same, and (parenting) is a learning experience.”

- Tearia, a Mother of the Month



Our people


Our dedicated staff and Board of Directors are committed to improving birth outcomes.


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